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                                                                                A Word Of Advice


If you are  purchasing a weanling  Please be patient with them, a foal has never had to think for itself, it has always had Mom to think for them, when you take them from Mom they will be  scared and their Flee reaction is on high alert, give them a few days to settle in, the stress of weaning alone can cause them to get a cold, imagine how afraid they are  with a stranger who is trying to teach them something while they are terrified and looking  for their mom, work slow and quiet, dont rush them,dont expect them to be born with knowledge, let them get to know you, too many people want to take their baby home and  handle it, work with it and teach it, thats great but wait a few days for them to settle in and adjust  dont risk your babies health and safety by rushing them, if you have questions dont hesitate to ask as we are always here  for you


also please remember your baby will require special feed as well as a special place to live in the beginning as they are not knowledgeable about fences and in their frantic search for mom  can escape or injure themselves


After the 1st few days they will settle down, they just need patience and understanding while going through the transition

                                                      PAYMENTS and DEPOSITS

 Yes we do accept payments   so feel free to ask about payment arrangements and terms. ALL  FOALS   will be expected to be paid for and picked up at weaning time unless other arrangements have been made All we ask is for you to communicate with us ,We will  relist foals For Sale after December 1 of  their foaling year if not picked up ,We will work with you on your payment schedule, if you miss  a payment  you are in default of your contract and have 3 days to  make the payment and if you miss a 2nd payment  the contract is void. If we must take legal action to collect funds, get horses back or any other legal action needed  pertaining to a horse transaction you will be expected to pay legal fees as well. If you cannot meet  our terms then we will assume you no longer want the animal and any  deposit  or money  paid will be forfeited unless other arrangements have  been made, absolutely NO REFUNDS this applies to any and all purchases and payments for any horse  these terms are placed here due to the many people who have burned us and taken advantage of us

All Horses sold  are sold AS IS



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