Foals 2009

2009 Grey Filly out of Irrivistible Kiss
By Demand The Cash

April 18, 2009
  Irrivistible Kiss foaled a super fancy Grey Filly By Demand The Cash.

2009 Appaloosa Filly out of CR Acres Sugar
By Ima Tiger Seeker (AKA Skeeter)

April 23,2009
CR Acres Sugar had a big  bucksin and white appaloosa filly by Ima Tiger Seeker she has been sold to Lindale Simms

2009 Palomino Colt out of Queens Freckled Pixy
By Demand The Cash

April 25,2009
Queens freckled Pixy had a  big fancy Palomino Stud Colt by Demand The Cash, he is  a  nice baby  and will make us proud

2009 filly out of Clue Of Continental
By Freckles Orphan Lad

May 1,2009
Clue of Continental (Callie Rose) had a cute Chesnut filly
by Freckles orphan Lad. "Cowgirl"is owned by Crystal Marvetz of Merrill Oregon.

May 2,2009
Abigail foaled a very nice bay stud colt, enough chrome to make him handsome and a good mover too

2009 Colt out of Isle Ba A Dreamer
By Demand The Cash

May 3,2009
Isle Be A Dreamer foald a sorrel stud colt by Demand The Cash, very nice colt, very well balanced

2009 Bay Colt out of Two Eyed French Lady
By Demand The Cash

May 4,2009
Two Eyed French Lady foaled a tall leggy stud colt, looks like he maybe grey, we will have to wait and see

2009 filly out of Diamond Jack Kid
By Demand The Cash

May 6,2009
Diamond Jack Kid foaled a fancy filly, not sure of her color yet, maybe black, maybe grey time will tell, the verdict is in, she is definitely GREY!

2009 Bay Colt out of Freckles Chexcalibar
By Demand The Cash

May 11,2009
Freckles Chexcalibar had an eye catching bay colt(Cowboy), he really has a presence about him and I expect him to go far with his new owner Kyle Stickel

2009 Filly out of Seattle Dream
By Demand The Cash

May 16, 2009
Seattle Dream foaled an Awesome filly  by Demand The Cash, only time will tell what color she is Grullo? Grey? or ?
I think she will be grey

Capri 2009 Appaloosa filly out of Fair Bar Maid
By Ima Tiger Seeker

May 16,2009
Fair Bar Maid, ApHC foaled a Bay filly by Ima Tiger Seeker, big boned and well balanced we are hoping  she will color in the future

May 18,2009
Pequita Bunny Bar foaled a cute smutty buckskin stud colt by Demand The Cash

Marisa and Teresa Brooke
Lakeview, Oregon