Ghost Dancing

                                                                            1995 ApHc Stallion

                                                          Few Spot Leopard





Ghost, is a super gentle stallion,  easy to handle and   throws loud colored foals, he regularly produces loud foals with big Peacock spots and lots of leopards. He comes from a well known Leopard appaloosa line and has  Prince Plaudit top and bottom on his pedigree not to mention Joker B and many other greats. His foals are Amazing.

                                   He is a  100% color producer.


                                                      Rest In  Peace Ghosty  July 19,2017

                                         Photo  taken at 16 plus yrs and  in his winter  woolies



"It is the high white pattern level bay and black Appaloosas that you must look to for colour strength, and to the white homozygous Appaloosas for continuity, in order to breed generation after generation of colourful Appaloosas."....Quote from Sheila Archer's research APPALOOSA COLOUR and PATTERN TRANSMISSION


                                    Here are  few pictures of some of Ghosts foals


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